Unlock the CODE to Career Success

The CODE has four key areas for women to focus on, which will build your knowledge about the subtleties and differences between men and women in the workplace.

The CODE is an acronym for:

Operating Style
• Career Development, and
• ‘Everything Else’ that you need to manage (while you actually do your job).

Communication is the mechanism for getting things done in organizations.

It is how you build and manage your image, reputation and relationships, and how you demonstrate the value you bring to an organization. The importance of what you say, how you say it, how you present your ideas, what you write and how you write it, as well as the body language that you use are all discussed. Hot Tips for Career Chicks explores why these areas are important for your career, how to identify potential misalignments with the prevailing business culture and practical tips to make the most of your opportunities to communicate.

Similarly, we’ll look at how you can develop a personal Operating Style that will support your career endeavors. This is another important piece of the CODE to help you achieve success. Your Operating Style encompasses the way you work, how you get things done and how you are perceived to conduct yourself. The Career Chick Hot Tips in this section cover how to:
• ‘be seen’ at work
• operate in meetings
• work in teams
• conduct negotiations
• resolve conflict
• demonstrate leadership, and
• handle the bad stuff and disappointments that are part of business.

All are vital to promote confidence in your abilities and ensure that your contributions are valued.

Career Development is another area for Career Chicks to prioritize. To realize success your career needs to be proactively and enthusiastically managed.

You need to approach your career as if it were the most important project you’re responsible for at work. And you need to apply the same rigorous (if not more so) process, which includes a plan, objectives, time-lines, milestones and measures of success.

Your career needs to be supported by high-quality resources from the network you build and the mentors you identify. To support your Career Development you need the ability to recognize when it’s time to move on, to know how to be successfully recruited and then negotiate the remuneration package that reflects what you are worth. You will learn the subtleties in these crucial areas, how they are important or different for women, and some practical and easy tips to implement.

Once you have mastered these three career focus areas – Communication, Operating Style and Career Development – all you need to do is manage ‘Everything Else’ to do your job well. This makes up the final element of the CODE for career success.

Excerpt from "Hot Tips for Career Chicks: Unlocking the CODE to success"
By Karen Adamedes

Copyright © Karen Adamedes 2010

Career Tips For Chicks in 2010

Thanks for reading my first ever blog!

I have just released a unique book for women called "Hot Tips For Career Chicks; unlocking the CODE to success."

The CODE is a concept I developed to provide insight into the things that women need to focus on (as well as their job) in the not-intentionally-but-still male oriented culture of business.

It's ideal for women starting out at the beginning of their careers and those who are struggling with why their contributions aren't been recognised.

Appropriately, there is a lot of discussion about the issues of juggling work and family life and the appallingly small number of women in very senior positions (only 8.7% of board positions in ASX 200 companies were held by women in 2009).

These are such enormous issues that there is often very little coverage of an important underlying issue - the many discouraging and disappointing experiences that women have at work.

The thinking behind "Hot Tips for Career Chicks" is that the culture of business favours men as it has evolved over time and heavily influenced by the historically greater representation of men. It's not necessarily a 'boys club' but how it works favours how men typically think and act.

Understanding how business works and how to communicate, operate, focus on career development and balance everything else at work (which is the CODE for career success) provides women with some tangible and practical tools to ensure that they are working on an equal footing with men.

I worked out many of these tips based on my experience and what I learned in business and then found that many women that I worked with, coached or mentored had similar issues.

I'd love to have your feedback on the book, the website and discuss the issues and tips are essential to career chick success through this book. I look forward to discussions through the Career Chicks blog!

All the best for a happy and successful 2010.