The importance of Communication for your career

The fact is, the workplace is dominated by a communication style that is more reflective of how men communicate than women. Traditionally, there have been more men in business and their natural style has dominated. But it can put you, as a Career Chick, at a disadvantage without you even being aware of it. Understanding and adapting your communication to the accepted business style can have a substantial impact on your career potential and success. Speak the language and you can more effectively demonstrate your knowledge, skills and how you can contribute.

The challenge for anyone when learning or speaking a new language is being understood. The business world has its own complex and unique language. Your ability to understand and speak the language of business will allow you to be more successful when working with both men and women. Clear communication is essential so that what you say is understood and valued. Your interactions and communications with others will determine your effectiveness, your reputation and the perception of how capable you are – and ultimately your success in the business world.

There are several elements of communication that significantly influence career success. These include:
• the words you use
• how you say them
• your ability to impress when you make presentations
• how well you write, and
• the messages you send with your body language.

Excerpt from "Hot Tips for Career Chicks: Unlocking the CODE to success"
By Karen Adamedes

Copyright © Karen Adamedes 2010

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