International Women's Day - a time to say "you're doing great"

Monday March 8 will be the 99th time that Intermational Women's Day has been celebrated, and 2010 is exactly 100 years since the concept of the day was adopted at the 2nd International Conference for Working Women in Copenhagen. At that time most women were unable to vote, let alone choose and create a career.

This year is unlikely to be marked by the protests and rallies that have been held over the years as women campaigned for safe working conditions, political rights and economic parity.

Whilst there is a long way to go in many societies around the world, women do not yet (universally) earn the same as men, the ratio of males to females in senior roles is not what it could be and the subtleties between how women and men work can cause disparity in the workplace; women have come a long way in the last 100 years. says that the day "has grown to become a global day of recognition and celebration across developed and developing countries alike".

You may be planning to celebrate on March 8 by attending one of many functions that will be held by organizations, networking groups and companies. What better excuse could there be to spend some time focussed on networking with career-minded chicks!

My plan is to also contact as many women as I can in my network and say (what I should say more often),"you're doing great!"

Do you know some women who are doing great that you can give some encouragement on March 8 as your way of celebrating International Women's Day?

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