What you say, what others hear...are not necessarily the same...

Last week I spent several hours on the tarmac at Melbourne airport as we waited for storms to clear. Being an industrious Career Chick I fired off a few text messages to people in my team and asked one of my colleagues for his thoughts on a particular business issue.

He responded, and as is usual with a text messaging, did not include much punctuation. The issue at hand was discussed and then the message finised with "First cut off the top of my head". He meant "First cut, off the top of my head" meaning these were his initial thoughts. I read, "First, cut off the top of my head". :) Which of course has a very different meaning!!

There was plenty of time to sort out the miscommunication, and it was the best laugh I had all day. But it really does illustrate that what we mean and what is heard are often very different things. Being aware of this is a great skill for Career Chicks!

Have a successful week - Karen

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