Earn What You're Worth - it will help others too!

Recently the Economist magazine reported on the estimated 100 million baby girls that have not been born due to the gender selection that has been occurring in countries such as, not only China, but in India, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Balkan States.

The article concludes that the reason is that boy babies have a higher economic value than girls. Whether this be because they stay in the family to contribute to income, earn more over their lifetime or do not have the cost of a dowry for them to marry, the the result is the same; boys are financially favourable to families in many countries.

The answer, says the Economist, is that "all countries need to raise the value of girls". Whilst this may seem a problem that is very far away from the world of salary gaps for women in developed countries, it is essentially the same issue - perceived economic value that is at the heart of the problem.

It was only as recently as 1972 that women in Australia did not have to leave government jobs when they got married and our ability to contribute economically really started to increase. This was before many of us started to work or were even born. But we all can probably sing along to Don McLean's American Pie that became a worldwide hit that same year. Just because it was before our time, doesn't mean it doesn't have a lingering tune for us today.

But equal economic value is still yet to be achieved. In 2008, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the average weekly gap between men and women's average weekly earnings was 34.6%. And the situation was the same internationally. In the same year in the United States the gap was also high at 20%.

How much you earn is important to you personally. It is important for your lifestyle and for how you position yourself in an organisation. It is also important for increasing the economic value of women universally.

Money is important and is a topic that chicks need to talk about.

Lets get the conversation going.

Career Chick Hot Tip: Recognize that how much you are paid is important!

Have a profitable week!

International Women's Day - thanks to the Chicks who have gone before us!

In 2010 International Women's Day has been celebrated with ceremonies to honor special women, corporate lunches and presentations. And much has been written about the achievements and on-going needs for the advancement of women.

This is a far-cry from International Women's Days of the past that were marked by demonstrations, marches and rallies. Over the years the focus has included unsafe working conditions, the right to vote, basic wages, holiday pay and eventually equal pay for equal work.

Thanks to the voices of these women, these goals have been mainly realised - in developed countries anyway.

Today our focus, from a career perspective, is largely on being recognized and valued for our contributions and enjoying the same level of choice and success in our careers as men. All while staying sane, achieving work-life balance and giving back and many other personal, family and health related goals. Which can seem overwhelming at times but imminently achieveable compared to the challenges that women had to overcome in the past.

International Women's Day 2010 is a great day to reflect on how far chicks have come, mouth a word of thanks to those who have come before us and be optimitic about the future.