International Women's Day - thanks to the Chicks who have gone before us!

In 2010 International Women's Day has been celebrated with ceremonies to honor special women, corporate lunches and presentations. And much has been written about the achievements and on-going needs for the advancement of women.

This is a far-cry from International Women's Days of the past that were marked by demonstrations, marches and rallies. Over the years the focus has included unsafe working conditions, the right to vote, basic wages, holiday pay and eventually equal pay for equal work.

Thanks to the voices of these women, these goals have been mainly realised - in developed countries anyway.

Today our focus, from a career perspective, is largely on being recognized and valued for our contributions and enjoying the same level of choice and success in our careers as men. All while staying sane, achieving work-life balance and giving back and many other personal, family and health related goals. Which can seem overwhelming at times but imminently achieveable compared to the challenges that women had to overcome in the past.

International Women's Day 2010 is a great day to reflect on how far chicks have come, mouth a word of thanks to those who have come before us and be optimitic about the future.

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