Collaboration can be fun!

Hi all

I've just got back from beautiful, but earthquake wary, San Francisco. Apart from providing the chance to visit the picturesque Napa Valley I also had the chance to collaborate with authors Fabian Venter and Blaine Dehmlow on their new projects.

Regardless of the fact that we have such different topics-Career advice, small business marketing and spirituality it was a tremendous chance to share experiences and be inspired.

For most of us, sitting at a computer for many hours is not the most creative environment. Nor the one where we get most of our ideas. Most people say that they get their best ideas in the shower, driving in the car or when they are talking to others. Mine are definitely in the shower!

Whilst there are all sorts of obligations at work (emails, reports, forms to be filled out) it's good to take time to be creative and come up with some ideas that will add to the value you provide in your role.

A great trick is to stand-up from behind the computer, find some like-minded people who you admire and talk to them about what they are doing. You just never know the ideas that will be generated by having a chat!

Until next time Career Chicks (& guys!)


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