Girls Rule's a big deal!

Well, today is certainly a historic day for Australia ... a female Australian Prime Minister. Which means that for those of us who live in Sydney we have a Super-duperfecta! I made that word up. (A superfecta is a racing betting term that describes picking the winnng four horses in the exact order that they finish. But in Sydney we have 5 chicks in charge.)

Quentin Bryce, Governor-General; Julia Gillard, Prime Minister; Kristina Keneally NSW Premier; Professor Marie Bashir, NSW Governor and Clover Moore is the Lord Mayor of Sydney. Whatever your politics, whatever your view on the monarchy or any of the other underlying issues regarding the positions or the people. This is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Part of me wants to say, Why is it a big deal that Julia Gillard is the first female Prime Minister of Australia? Why aren't we debating her qualifications? Her capabilities? Her suitability for the role? Why is the issue of discussion that she is a chick?

For me, the answer lies in the truth that she is the first. There really wasn't a big deal made out of the fact when Hillary Clinton was appointed as the third female U.S. Secretary of State. But there was plenty to be said when she was running for the Presidency as the first potential female to hold that office.

Being first is a big deal. First to win an Olympic race wins the gold medal, first to invent something gets the patent, famous firsts go in the record books. And Julia Gillard's elevation to Prime Minister is certainly one for the record book. As is the super-defecta we have at all levels of Government. (Do you think I can get my new word trending on twitter?) Who would have thought we would ever have had a chick (g-g) swearing in a chick (pm)? Not I. It is a big deal.

I look forward to the third female Australian Prime Minister (whoever she will be) being sworn in and not a comment being made about her gender. But for now, we have a first ... it's a big deal.


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  1. Good point, Karen. It shouldn't be a big deal. Thanks for pointing out the Superduperfecta! That's amazing in itself.
    I have mixed feelings about today's news, I like having a female PM, but I don't like the way she got there.... But celebrating a top career chick isn't the place for political comment!