Time gives perspective

Recently, Nigel Marsh, the author of "Fat, Fired and Forty" spoke at the Tedx event in Sydney on the ongoing battle for work and life balance.

The tricky thing with the whole topic of work and life balance is that work is part of life.

Marsh provides a refreshing and humorous perspective on the issue. He also provides a handy framework to look at it. Which is to judge yourself and your success in achieving balance on a time frame that is achievable and realistic. Waiting until retirement is too long, he says. But trying to live "the" perfect day each day is unlikely to be achievable.

This is a great way to look at success in many areas of life including the achievement of 'career success'. What does this look like? And how long have you given yourself to achieve these goals?

If you're feeling under pressure perhaps the goal is right for you but the time frame you are judging your success on is too short?

Something to think about anyway. Check out Marsh's video on YouTube.


Stay focused on you.



  1. Some interesting thoughts, Karen.
    BTW, like your new photo.


  2. Nice way to think about it. A big message to add to Marsh's views is the idea of detachment. Research is showing that when we do have 'life' time away from work, we need to fully detach, ie no mobiles & emails. When this occurs then we have positive mood and performance when we go back to work. This even occurs for those who LOVE work & would happily do it 24/7.

  3. I like the fat/forty/fired "fem-omina!" . Anyway, thinking about WORK-LIFE balance... it only really balances when you also consider LIFE-WORK balance.It's a play on words, but putting one first at different times, when you choose, gives you a whole new perspective. How often do we hear LIFE-WORK balance? On a personal note, I'm all for integration, but you need to decide if it's LIFE or WORK that you place at the forefront at different times I guess. It's a tough nut to crack!