Learn the language of your organization

I just found a scrap of paper in my desk draw with a quote I had written down when I was writing "Hot Tips". It's from French philosopher, Henri Delacroix, who is long departed from this world, as he passed away in 1937. But his words "the individual's whole experience is built upon the plan of his language" are just as relevant today.

And they are particularly relevant for anyone trying to figure out how to communicate effectively at work. Each country, industry and organization has it's own unique communications style. You don't need to communicate exactly like everyone else but if you don't at least understand the style, it can put you at a distinct disadvantage.

If everyone is speaking in acronyms that you don't know it can be like listening to another language. You need to know what these are. Or if people in your organization have a specific process that they refer to all the time, you need to understand this also.

Connecting with others, in the way they understand best, can make the difference between career success and just having a job.

Understanding and adapting your communication to the accepted business style can have a substantial impact on your career potential and success. Speak the language and you can effectively demonstrate your knowledge, skills and how you contribute to the organization.

Today's Career Chick Hot Tip: Learn the language of your organization, profession or industry.

Have a successful week!


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  1. Karen,

    This is a very good post.

    I learned this the hard way that it is not how you communicate that is important but how quickly you distill the position of others through understanding the way they communicate is more important.