How To Work In A Team

Here's a short excerpt from my book "Hot Tips for Career Chicks" about working in teams:

"Working in an effective team can help you realise your business or personal goals and objectives. Plus, when your team achieves superior results, you get to share in the reflected glory. Much easier than struggling on your own, achieving an average result and shouldering all the responsibility!

Being associated with successful teams improves your credibility. Others may not know the contributions of each individual, but they'll view everyone positively, if the team was successful.

On the other hand, being associated with an unsuccessful or dysfunctional team that hasn't achieved their objectives can reflect badly on your individual performance. Sometimes no matter how hard you work in a team, the result doesn't get delivered. This can be an unfair reflection on you.

The only way to reduce this risk is to focus on the success of the whole team and the required business deliverables. Don't get worked up about others who aren't pulling their weight.

Essentially, there's only one person's behaviour you can have an impact on: your own.

As much as you'd like to change other people's behaviours or make them do some work, the only person you can really control is you. So do your best: the team will have a much better chance of success than if you don't."

Today's Career Chick Hot Tip: Focus on your contributions to a team.

Stay focused!

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