Team Work Works

Last week I was going to blog and post tips on the Hot Tips for Career Chicks facebook page about teamwork. But I was so busy working with my team that I didn't have time!

It's the time, negotiation and frustrations of working with people who view the world differently that can give teamwork a bad name (think group projects at uni!).

But in the business world, the complexity and expertise required to be successful means that you need to work well with others. Nobody can do everything themselves. How you work in teams will be one of the criteria that people will use to judge your performance. Learning how to work in teams is a crucial skill to develop as part of your operating style.

Sure working with the team to get agreement on our plan was a little time consuming. There were a few meetings and probably too many e-mails. But we got there, and we now have a plan that everyone is (at least) comfortable with - and prepared to give a go! And we got a better outcome than if the plan had been developed by just one person. So the result was more than worth the effort of working in a team.

The Career Chick Hot Tip is that to be successful you need to work in teams!

So this week, look out for some tips for Career Chicks on how to work in teams.


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