To pat or not to pat?

I just got home from the gym where I was watching TV, listening to music (Adam Lambert, B52s and Nickelback fyi) and trying to breath (Love Shack is fast when you're on the cross trainer!!!!).

Anyway that's not my point ...rather what I was watching on TV was the news and the vision of new Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard in a meeting with male colleagues and patting one of them on the arm during a moment of levity.

My view is that this is a no-no for Career Chicks (possibly okay for a Prime Minister but then you get people blogging about it so perhaps not!)

The issue is that it looks motherly or like something your sister might do. Which is fine in those circumstances. But do you really want to conjure up those pictures in a work situation?

For me the Career Chick Hot Tip is No Pats in a business environment.

I'm off for a shower and maybe a chocolate!


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