What's good about team work?

There's lots of reasons why people don't like having to work in teams. It can be time consuming, some people don't carry their share of the workload and others just don't seem to understand what's going on or required.

But there are plenty of reasons why working in teams can be beneficial.Here's 5 reasons why working in a team can work for you:

1. You get access to the skills and expertise of others in the group
2. It can be motivating to work with others with a shared goal
3. The envirnment can stimulate collaboration - and you'll have better ideas
4. You can't (and don't want to) do everything yourself!, and most importantly
5. You get to focus on what you are good at (and want to do!)

The next time you're considering whether to do something yourself or involve a team ask yourself, "What could I do if I am just focussed on what I am good at? And what I enjoy?"

You might be surprised by your answer!

Today's Career Chick Hot Tip: Trust the team and concentrate on your area of expertise

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