Are you offering rainbows or paint?

I spent a lovely few days in Yeppoon (central Queensland - warm, sunny and by the sea) with my brother, sister and their families last weekend.

One of the highlights was a visit to the "new" coffee shop in town and their carrot cake (absolutely sensational - picture attached!). As my 4 1/2 year old niece and I crossed the road in anticipation of the treats ahead of us, we were opposite the paint shop which is decked out with the logos of the major paint brands. Including one which has 5 stripes of the different color paint they supply.

"Ohhh", said little Miss Arabella in wonder, "I didn't know there was a rainbow shop!"

Which, apart from being cute, made me start and think about the importance, from a career perspective, of knowing not only what you do but what you are offering to a potential, or even current employer.

Are you offering your skills to process orders or a seamless experience for your companies customers because everything goes smoothly? Or are the sales you made a pile of order forms or securing the future of your company?

When you known if your offering is rainbow or paint, you are in a much stronger position in your career.

Something to ponder over a piece of carrot cake I think!


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