Flight Attendant Walks off the job; many others want to do the same

The Flight attendant who walked out of his job (well strictly speaking slid down the escape slide) in New York the other night, seems to have done what many others would like to do.

It is being reported that he is acquiring cult-hero status which is indicated by the more than 160,000 'Likes' on facebook and the numerous articles that are reporting that his popularity is connected with the frustration that many people feel about airline travel.

But there are lost of other comments out there that suggest that there may be another reason for the popular support. Including this one that the LA Times reported from the New York Times website, "I wish my office had an evacuation slide". It seems that there are plenty of people who admire this guy because he had the courage to walk out of a work situation that wasn't working for him.

Despite the popular support, the songs that have been written for him, and the notoriety of exiting stage left (with an alleged beer) this guy does face a possible prison term. There were probably a few indicators for him that this job was not what he wanted anymore, before the incident that prompted the walk-out. And there are a number of other ways he could have removed himself from the situation with a few less repercussions.

The Career Chick Hot Tip: Know When It's Time to Move On!


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