A good manager is a good manager!

Over the years I have found that a good manager is a good manager, and it doesn't really matter what their gender. It's about how they apply their leadership skills and the operating style that they choose to adopt.

But a recent survey in the UK showed that two-thirds of employees would rather work for a male rather than a female boss.

The findings are a bit contradictory given the survey by UKJobs.net also found that of the people surveyed who had left a job because of a bad boss only 50% had left when they had a female boss.

When you ask people how they want women to manager you'll get the response "Women shouldn't try and act like men" and from others "Women should try and be more like a man'! Eeekkk...what are we to do?

It all comes down to having the leadership skills to do the role. These are skills you can learn, practise and improve no matter what role you're in.

When you become a manager there are lots of complexities in the role including the fact that people don't instantly want to do what you say because you are a manager. Ultimately it comes down to influencing the actions of others and the day-to-day decisions through what you do and say.

The ability to impact or influence others is called leadership and you can develop these skills in any role.

To be or become a good manager:

Career Chick Hot Tip: Recognize your ability to lead no matter what role you're in.


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