How will they change our lives next?

I've just got back from a day of touring around Silicon Valley in California. It was amazing to see mile after mile of the headquarters of some of the biggest brands in the world.

Yahoo!, Adobe, Apple, Google, HP, Intel, Facebook - to name a few. Not only are they mega-companies, they have significantly changed our lives. They have developed hardware, software, operating systems, search engines and social networks that have changed how we live, connect and communicate.

I wake up to the alarm on my iPhone, download my email, check my facebook wall and read a couple of pdf documents - all before breakfast - and I do this (almost) every day. All using technology and applications that the people behind these companies have brought to the world in the last few years.

As I travelled down the 101 Freeway I couldn't help wonder what on earth is going on behind these walls? What are they working on that will change my life next?

No doubt there will be much that hits the market, some will be technically brilliant but not take off. Others will become part of my new everyday. One thing I do know is that I need to keep in touch with what's coming but not chase after every new thing I hear about. Otherwise I won't get anything else done!

A challenge for Career Chicks (and others) is to keep across what works for you and the people you need and want to connect with. One way is to keep an eye on what the folks behind these walls in Silicon Valley are up to!

Career Chick Hot Tip - keep your skills current!

That's all for now - Karen

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