The right or write word?

Not all of us can get away with making up our own words and getting them named "word of the year' by the New Oxford American Dictionary. Which is exactly what Sarah Palin did with her invention of "refudiate". The Huffington Post reports this new word as meant to be a blend of 'refute' and 'repudiate'.

Whether what she meant was what she said remains to be seen - but nobody is talking about what she 'refudiated' - just about what she meant. (And I think they just might be having a bit of fun at her expense.)

Using the right words that say exactly what you mean might take you out of contention for word of the year. But it will ensure that the messages that you are trying to convey are most likely to be understood.

My thinking is to use the simplest and most appropriate words. Words that don't have alternate meanings or can be mis-interpreted.

For Australian writers I have come across a great resource to help with writing which is a book called, "How Much Can a Koala Bear?". Author Pamela Thorne has created a quick reference guide that provides simple explanations of commonly confused words.

I've been using my copy quite a bit and thought I would share it with you.

Choosing your words carefully is one of the elements to the CODE for career success. As how well you communicate can have a significant impact on your effectiveness and success.

Career Chick Hot Tip: Choose the right words

I'm headed over to the U.S. Monday so I'll be writing from California next week. Wouldn't you know it - snow is expected in the hills around San Francisco this weekend - just as summer has finally decided to make an appearance in Sydney! Better go and find those winter woollies....

That's all for now.


P.S. Spell check didn't recognise 'refudiate' when I checked this post! ☺

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