Dear Readers, I can explain ...

Red Velvet Cup Cakes at Dean &
Deluca in New York - one of the
 experiences that kept me from
blogging over the last
couple of weeks!
The curious incident of the dog who did nothing in the night time was significant to Sherlock Holmes in the classic 'Silver Blaze' mystery. And quirky enough that the absence of something happening made famous the lines by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

"To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time."
"The dog did nothing in the night-time."
"That was the curious incident," remarked Sherlock Holmes.

Not quite as famous or significant as a Sherlock Holmes mystery, is the absence of my blog posts over the last 3 weeks. Not a long time for me, but I understand that in Internet time (which is many times faster than even dog years) this is something equivalent to an eon. Or more!
However, whilst you may not have been noticing the absence of blogs I have been busy. Very busy learning, observing and refreshing my energy through travel and new experiences.
In the last three weeks I have witnessed a modern day miracle, seen absolute joy, connected with inspiring people, shopped til I almost dropped and had a host of new experiences. Most of these were unplanned but came about as part of my rejuvenation plan to end 2010 and take some time out to refresh and re-energize.
Which has done me the world of good as I look forward to a relaxing Christmas break and a very productive 2011.
Taking some time out is crucial not only for balance but to ensure that you are capable of operating at your best - at whatever it is you do. Presenting yourself as fresh and energized can have a big impact on how people view you and your capabilities. 
New research shows that getting enough sleep is also important to the judgements people make about others. The Independent in the U.K. reports that getting enough sleep makes people look more attractive and healthier. When you look healthier - by getting enough sleep, holidaying or however you choose to rejuvenate - it pays off - as others will make judgements that you look in control.
As we hurtle towards Christmas this is the perfect time to take time out, get some sleep and rejuvenate. That's my excuse anyway (and a pretty good one at that!)

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