Pockets, Perfume and Piercings

The 43-page dress code that is being trialed by the United Bank of Switzerland in 5 of it's Swiss branches is the subject of much discussion today.

From the business end of town and the Wall Street Journal to blogs and social media sites - the absolute level of 'advice' being provided to employees by the bank is being reported and ridiculed.

For women the advice includes that pockets should be empty; perfume should be applied straight after a shower when pores are still open, skin is wet and body lotion has been applied; and piercings (except earrings) are completely prohibited. Oh, and underwear must be flesh coloured!

For men, it's just as bad with instructions that tie knots must match the 'morphology' of their face. Hopefully they are also issuing dictionaries with the new dress code.

I feel quote sorry for the HR department. How are they going to enforce the underwear color restriction? Or the 'do you have body lotion on under that perfume' rule?

 I get that UBS are trying to impress their customers and have their employees represent the image of the bank. And there are lots of rules of thumb and dress codes that can help you reinforce your professional credibility. But this seems to be an excellent example of something that has gone from the 'sublime to the ridiculous'.

For me, apart from the obvious inability to enforce their 'suggestions' it's the removal of options and personal choice that grates. But all-in-all it's a bit silly.

What do you think?


P.S. Doesn't really impact me though, given I don't have a Swiss bank account ...

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