If you can help #qld floods ...it's an enormous job

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I live in Sydney, but this week my heart is in Queensland where I went to school, got my first job, and built life-long friendships. It's where my family and many of my friends still live. And today it's under water. 
As I watch hour after hour of news coverage it's hard to believe that 75% of the state is impacted by floods.

Incredible when you think that the area is almost 6 times the size of the United Kingdom and twice as big as Texas. And it's all wet, very wet.

Over the last three weeks the state has been going under flood waters. There has been tragic loss of life. Others have lost all that they have spent their lives working for. There is still angst and fear. My family and friends are all okay as they live in the higher suburbs. Even so, there have been frantic phone calls and text messages checking up on them. Particularly our extended family in Toowoomba. I can't imagine what it has been like for people who have not had good news.

People have been filling sandbags, others making ham sandwiches and political leaders have been communicating with poise, heart and confidence. Everyone on the ground is pitching in. But they will need some help.

I remember the 1974 floods (I was young, very young!) and going through my wardrobe so Dad could drop our small donation down to the local church. Not quite a practical option this time around.

The people of Queensland are strong and they will come back from this. But as a heartbroken elderley man I just saw interviewed on the news said, "it's an enormous job". And no matter how strong these folk are they could do with a helping hand.

The media is talking about billions of dollars to repair the damage, the country's budget surplus is in question and economic commentators are already speculating about what this will mean for Australia. But for many people it will mean mud. Dirty, stinking mud all over everything that they own - that will need to be replaced.

There are people in every place in the world who need help and many of us have our own challenges and responsibilities. But as another gentlemen who was interviewed today from an evacuation center said, "it's a very short fall from the top to the bottom".

If you can help those who feel they have fallen please donate.

What they will need to help them get back on their feet is money. If you can help I urge you to do so. The Queensland Government are running the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal to help communities and individuals as needed.

Let's help those Queenslanders get rid of some mud!

- Karen

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