5 Fast Tips... for Email

...for email!
They say that Tuesday is the most productive day of the working week. Monday's recovery from the weekend is over and the mid-week hump day (Wednesday) has yet to be reached. So apparently, with no alternative we are all quite productive on a Tuesday.

Which seems like a good day to have a 'Five Fast Tips' blog with some ideas to not only help you get through the working week but to also contribute to your career success.

For this first 'Fast Five Tips' edition of the blog I thought a good topic to start with is - email. With most office workers receiving an average of over 100 emails a day - if there is anything that is going to interfere with you being productive on a Tuesday (or any day!) it's email.

So here are 'Fast Five Tips' for improving your email (in no particular order):

1. Keep your email short - preferably so that it can all be read on one computer screen. If you haven't scared your recipient off with an email of epic proportions it is much more likely to be read.

2. Put the most important point first - this might be what you are asking for or the summary of the information you are providing. You can then go on and put the where, what, why and wherefore information afterwards. With the most important information first your reader will understand exactly what the email is about and why they need to read it.

3. Start a new paragraph for every idea - the added white space will aid readability and be easy for a reader to follow.

4. Use an auto signature - include your name, title, division, company and contact details so that your reader has a choice of ways to get back in touch with you. If a subject is urgent a return phone call is sometimes the best response.

5. Add 'courtesy copies' with care - only use this when you absolutely need to keep someone informed. Don't fall in the trap of spreading responsibility or pressuring someone to do something by copying their boss. Hopefully if we all start 'cc'ing with care the amount of unnecessary email in the world will be reduced!

So there you are 'Fast Five Tips' for Career Chicks ...I trust they are useful to you.

Have a productive and enjoyable day - Karen

P.S. If you have other tips for email  please share them here or at the Career Chicks facebook page.

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  1. Uh... "If a subject is urgent a return phone call is somethimes the best response."

    If something is urgent, step away from your email client. Only face-to-face or a phone call will work.