Do you speak business? The perils of communication...

Friday is Movie Day!
It only seems like a week ago when I was writing last Friday's Career Chick Chat Movie Day blog! Ha ha!
O'kay, I'll leave the humor to the movie of the week which comes from the masters of classic comedies the BBC and their very quirky skit, "Do you speak English?"

I think there's a great analogy between what happens in this sketch and how people can feel like they are speaking a  different language to the people around them at work.

It's only 1:28 min long so I am sure you can take the time to have a quick look and a laugh. The risk is that once you get into these comedy videos in YouTube, one video can lead to another... I've watched four in the last ten minutes!  Research I'm calling it.

See you back here in one minute and 28 seconds...

A bit of a laugh?

But how like work is this sometimes?

You think you're talking the same language as the people you work with.

You think you have asked what you need to know really clearly.

You think you have been understood.

And then it turns out it was like you were speaking another language!

Not that people are being as deliberately difficult as the guys in the video but different words, different cultures, different professional or industry meanings of words can all impact how what we say is heard and understood.

The Career Chick Hot Tip?

Learn the language of your company and profession. And make sure that what you say is exactly what you mean.

Back to work now ...I have to go back to YouTube for some more research!

Have a great weekend

- Karen

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