The Power Of The "King's Speech"

On the day that I saw the now Oscar award winning movie, "The King's Speech" I had been researching the latest 'presentation' trends on the Internet.

The average number of PowerPoint slides, graphics, charts, the importance of video and social networking - all featured in the material I was reviewing.

And then I saw "The King's Speech". Which apart from being brilliantly made, acted, written, directed etc., communicated the simplicity of what really makes makes a brilliant presentation.

Which, for me, is the delivery. Not that it's word perfect. Not that it has the cleverest technology to support it. Nor that it is necessarily clever or witty. All of which are lovely. But not essential.

What is important is that the delivery is - honest.

That the presenter cares about what they present.

That they communicate in a way that imparts the message that needs to be heard by the audience, in the way that they need to hear it.

That the effort that has been put in to preparation is respectful of the audience.

And finally, that we have no more powerful tool to support our presentations than the power of our own speech.

All of those other tools can help us look good. Like the writing, directing, costumes and all the other aspects of movie making that resulted in "The King's Speech" winning the Academy Award for Best Picture.

But it's no coincidence that Colin Firth also won Best Actor - as it was the power of his speech that was central to the success of the movie.

Something to think about next time we all prepare for our next presentation.

If you haven't had a chance to see the movie, here's the trailer.

I'll be going back to see this movie again and remind myself of the power of speech.

We all have a voice.

Let's use it Chicks!

- Karen

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