What is success? Kevin Spacey on being successful

I came across this video earlier today thanks to a facebook posting from Global Social Media Coach, Keith Keller and I just had to share it with you.

So many of us want to achieve 'success' at what we do. The trick is in understanding what success actually means for us so that we can define our goals, develop action plans and start working towards them.

I'm not sure where this video was made or who Kevin Spacey is talking to but his words about being successful certainly ring true for me.

In fact I can't say it any better than Kevin, so put in your earphones (if you're at work) and have a quick listen:

As he says there is no ultimate prize. Success is about what you want and want to accomplish. To be ambitious is not enough.

I hope you are spending today working towards developing your particular talent and what you have to give.

Not a bad pick for the first movie day blog on Career Chick Chat?

Let me know what you think!

- Karen

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