5 Fast Tips... actions for your career plan

...actions for your career plan
Previously we chatted about some ways to approach setting goals for your career plan. Today I'd like to move to the next step and assume (she says with fingers crossed) that you have thought about your goals and are ready to move to the next step of developing your action plan.

This is - what you are actually going to do in order to achieve your goals.

It should include:

Specific actions - what you will do.

Time frames - when you will do them.

Measures - how you will know that you are on track.

Here are five fast tips for your action plan:

1. Assess the gaps - in knowledge, skills or experience between where you are now and where you want to go. This will provide you with specific areas that you can address in your action plan.

2. Build and work your network - seek out people in your network or add new people to it - who have the expertise you need to develop.

3. Identify mentors - who will guide or help you with the expertise you require. These people can be within your organisation, they could be managers you have worked for in the past or people you access or are recommended to through your network.

4. Appoint a board or advisers - these people might not sit around a board room table discussing your career or in fact, even know they are on your board. But they are clearly identified in your mind as trusted advisers who are key members of your network. They are the people that you go to seek counsel when you are at a cross-road & are able to point you in the right direction. Ideally they will have a range of skills sets with differing areas of expertise so that you can seek them out when you need help in their specialty area.

5. Source training or other ways you can develop your expertise. Your company may have training courses you can attend or there may be external programs you want to attend. If it's within your means and the company won't pay, don't shy away from investing in yourself to attend a course. It's not just training courses there are other avenues available. For instance, if you want to improve your presentation skills you could join Toastmasters or a similar organisation.

So there's some fast ideas that will hopefully get you thinking about some actions you can include in you plan.

Been great chatting

- Karen

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  1. Hey Thanks for sharing these tips, I really liked the 1st and the 5th tip... one more thing I would like to suggest here... how about keeping a day aside each year, to evaluate the career growth and plan out the next year career strategy..