5 Fast Tips... to prepare for presentations

Preparing for presentations
 After yesterday's blog on the "Power of The King's Speech" and my musings on the importance of presentations being honest, repectful of the audience and well-prepared, I thought this week's "5 Fast Tips" should be on some tips of exactly what to do and how to prepare for a presentation.

You may not need to deliver a presentation to all of the Commonwealth countries like the King, but as the movie showed, how you deliver a presentation can have a tremendous impact on how you are seen and your credibility.

There's a lot more that 5 tips to prepare for presentations but here are some that I think are really important:

1. Determine the purpose - before you even begin to prepare you need to understand the business objective of a presentation. Is it to provide information or to ask for something such as funding, time or resourcing for your project? Or are you asking a client for their business? Knowing your objective before you start will help you develop your presentation so that you achieve that goal.

2. Understand your audience - who will be there and what do they want from the presentation?

3. Ensure your content - is well researched, accurate and meets both the objective of the presentation and needs of the audience.

4. Determine the structure and style of presentation - decide how you will structure a presentation so that you're content is logical, relevant and easily understood. The "3 Ts'" structure is always a good one. Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Them tell them what you've told them.

5. Rehearse - there are more than 5 tips just on rehearsing a presentation (that is a topic for another blog!). For today, just remember that rehearsing will help with nerves, increase your confidence and be reassuring (or not!) that you have the right messages being delivered in the right way. If you don't - it's a lot better to find out in the rehearsal stage than half-way through an actual presentation!

Presentation skills are essential for career success (and survival!) and there are literally millions of sources of information on the topic.

Today's 5 Fast Tips are just to get you started. But no matter how experienced and strong a presenter you are - they are always a good place to start.

- Karen

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