5 Fast Tips... signals it's time to move on.

Recognize the signs &
know when to move on
The last few weeks we've chatted about 5 Fast Tips for setting goals for your career plan and then 5 Fast Tips for actions to include in your plan.

Today, I'd like to talk about what often leads us to realize that we need a career plan - which unfortunately is usually some kind of career crisis. Whilst ideally it would be great if we all developed our plans when we are in a good space and planning for the future - however, this is not the reality for most of us.

What often happens is some type of disappointment, like a missed promotion, a bad boss or even worse a job loss that forces us to decide what we are going to do next and identify a Plan B.

It's happened to me and almost every Chick I know - and plenty of blokes too. The trick is to be able to recognize the signs that signal that it is time to move on and be able to take action before it becomes a crisis.

Here are 5 Fast Tips so you can read the signs that it's time to move on (or at least make sure you have a plan up your sleeve!):

1. A bad boss - regularly cited as the number 1 reason by people for why they leave a job. I don't mean walk out the first time you have a disagreement but if over time you realize that working for them does not support you personally or your career aspirations - this can be a very clear sign to move on.

2. Cost cutting - can be a sign that the business is under pressure. This may be a forerunner to job losses.

3. Bad behaviours - if you find the managers in your company being short-tempered or acting more stressed than usual - this can be a sign that the business is not performing or that change is on its way. Stick up you antenna and ask around and see if others know more.

4. Restructures and organizational changes - these can have an upside and provide opportunities for new roles not just negative consequences.

5. New or lost customer contracts - new customers can create new roles; lost customers can mean down-sizing in a business. Even if you're not in the customer management side of a business - keep up with what's going on there.

Don't be a victim in your career and let things happen to you.

Creating the opportunities to make your future is much better.

Knowing when to put them into action is critical.

Thanks for the chat!

- Karen