Are you happy in your career?

Have you ever wondered why ...

- you don't get the job you want?

- your good work goes unnoticed?

- others are being paid more than you?

Sometimes having a rewarding career (being paid what we're worth, recognized for our contributions etc.) feels unattainable when we are in the daily grind and managing the multiple expectations that are expected of us at work.

The reality is that those who are successful in their careers (by their own standards) work proactively on it's development. They not only do their job well, they network, have mentors and learn the skills to manage their career.

It's kinda like the time you need to take out to organize your wardrobe, set up your banking or write a to-do list. The time out to get organized seems like lost time but in the long run it makes life much easier. Taking the time to think about, plan and learn the skills to manage your career will pay you back. So rather than feel like you are bashing your head against a brick wall trying to be recognized and rewarded.  Change your approach - the wall isn't going anywhere -and attack it with the appropriate career skills rather than your head!

I'm running a Career Skills Workshop in Sydney, Australia on April 9 where we'll be discussing these issues and providing 'how-to' tips to develop the skills you need to manage your career. If you're in Sydney this might be the time you could put towards your career.

There are four complimentary tickets to the workshop (no transport to Sydney I'm afraid) for four people (i.e. one each) who will be randomly selected.

Email me at and let me know what you need to know to develop your career and realize your potential.

For readers not in Sydney there are 4 copies of the eBook version of "Hot Tips For Career Chicks" to be given away also - so let me know what types of the Career Chick Chat blogs are most useful to you. Email me at

Look forward to hearing from you!

- Karen

P.S. Winners will be notified by email by 5 pm, Saturday April 2, Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

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