How To Present: Overcome Your Fears it!

Movie Day:
The King's (Real) Speech
This is the second movie day on Career Chick Chat this week - as I couldn't resist sharing the trailer from the The King's Speech on the day when it won the Oscar for Best Picture!

In the blog, The Power of the King's Speech, I chatted about the importance of the delivery of a presentation, that it is heartfelt, honest and respectful of the audience.

I love this movie. Because what it says to me is that the simplicity of a simple message delivered well is more powerful than any number of PowerPoint slides, clever slide builds (although I do like them when they are done well) and fancy graphics.

When I watched this video of one of the actual King's (King George VI), actual speeches, it reminded me of a couple of other key principles about presentations.

Check out the speech first and then we can chat more.

The first thing this reinforced for me is the fact that if you have to make a presentation (or a speech to the whole country) it is possible to overcome fears, nerves and doubts. You have to put in the effort to learn how to present and the many things you need to do to prepare - but ultimately you need to be prepared to do it. And the King shows is can be done.

The other thing that struck me was why the King did it. It was his job. It was in his job description - so to speak. It may not have been formally captured in a document but it was implicit. To be King he had to talk to the people.

For us career types we may not have 'give presentations' listed in our job descriptions either. But if you need to communicate what you do, if you need to be able to demonstrate your credibility, if you want to stand out from the crowd; you need to present.

If the King can do it. You can too!

Enjoy the climb (up the ladder)
- Karen

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