A nod to Elizabeth Taylor: Career Chick, Hollywood Legend, Aids Activist

The name Elizabeth Taylor brings to mind visions of beauty, glamour and a life of many marriages.

This week though, her passing has brought to our attention to stories about her movies, humanitarian work as a vigilant, successful Aids Activist and about her career.

She was a real Hollywood Career Chick. There's no doubt that she was absolutely beautiful and this contributed to her success.

But Elizabeth Taylor was also good at what she did. So good that she was nicknamed "One-shot Liz" because she was able to shoot a scene in one take. Which no doubt saved time and money for the movie makers. She knew it's not just about looking good. You have to be also be good at what you do.

She also led the way in 'earning what she was worth', being paid a record breaking $1 million for the film Cleopatra in 1963.

Despite a couple of roles as a younger child, her career really began with the 1944 movie, National Velvet (can you believe that was before the end of World War 2???). Just on the off-chance that my blog readers might not have actually seen the movie here's a look at the trailer of the movie where her career really took off.

Looking back on the life of such a famous person - it's relatively easy to see why it's universally agreed that this movie was a turning point in her career. It's interesting to reflect on where our own turning points were and plan for where we will create them in the future.

I remember a particular presentation I made at a sales conference that was one for me - in a good way!

What was yours? And when will your next one be?

RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

I'm heading out to track down a DVD of this to watch over the weekend (when the lights have come back on after Earth Hour, of course).

- Karen

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