Today, Girls Rule My World - the Top Chick 6

I live in Sydney, Australia a place of natural beauty, freedom and tremendous opportunity. It's also a place which, for the next few hours, is ruled by girls.

There is currently an election going on and it's fairly certain that one of the girls is going to be removed from the chain of command by the end of the day. Which is the nature of politics.

But before that happens I just want to get a quick blog in about just how far Career Chicks have come that has led to the situation we have today where:
  • the city of Sydney has a Chick as Lord Mayor - Clover Moore
  • the state of N.S.W. has a Chick Premier - Kristina Keneally who is the head of government (for the next few hours anyway!) 
  • the most senior official in N.S.W. is the Queen's representative, the Governor of N.S.W, Marie Brashir (a Chick!) 
  • Australia's Governor General is Quentin Bryce (Chick), who reports to
  • The Queen (also a chick!)
 Regardless of whether you agree with their politics, the way they came to power or even whether Australia should have a monarchy - the fact that our ruling governing hierarchy is all Chicks - and that it is possible - is quite amazing.

Only Queen Elizabeth inherited her role - and there is no doubt that she is a formidable Career Chick herself - the others have all been through whatever processes are required to be elected or earn the appointment to these positions.

The 'Top Chick 6' will be broken up tonight following the N.S.W. election (I'm not psychic, but trust me) but I think the fact that this situation exists today is worth commenting on. Our predecessors who we recognized just a few weeks ago on International Women's Day, for the issues of equality that they fought for would probably think so too.

So, consider it commented on!

It's a good thing that this could happen!

I'm just sayin'

- Karen

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