5 Fast Tips... for survival when you're really busy!

Hi Chicks!

Well it looks like I am on a theme here - as last week's one and only blog was about how to look after yourself!

This week's is about survival when you're really busy!

A reflection that I am really busy at the moment. But I have prioritized what is important and I don't want to go all week and not post a blog. I know that the rest of the week is going to be hectic...so here it is!

We all go through times that are incredibly busy and when you like your work this can be exhilarating. It can also be a bit overwhelming and leave you feeling guilty about what's not being done.

So here's a short post with 5 Fast Tips for survival when you're really busy:

1. Focus on outputs - be clear on exactly what needs to be done by when. Write a list if it helps.

2. Prioritize what absolutely must be done. Self - explanatory I hope!

3. Delegate - you may not have any staff but if there is someone else who is willing to help - ask! The worst they can say is no, and if you asked nicely you aren't any worse off. And if they can help - yippee! This applies at home as well as at work. If you're the one who normally cooks, picks up the dry-cleaning etc. - ask for some help. Good practice for your negotiating skills.

4. Be prepared to let things not get done. Shock! Horror! But if you are up against a looming deadline something has to give. If it means more unopened emails (not related to your deadline) than you usually have or unopened post - so be it. It will still be waiting for you when things calm down.

5. Still take time for you. You might have to reduce your walk or gym session - but you will feel so much better if you can still squeeze in 15 minutes for you. Remember the chat about a cup of tea last week?

And don't forget to breath. Deeply. It will help you refocus.

Thanks for the short chat! Gotta go..things to do, places to be and breathing to do!

- Karen

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