The Job Interview: How to get the edge on your competitors.

Movie Day: The Pepsi Max Job Interview
Many job interviews are conducted as behavioural interviews.

That is, it's where the interviewers are looking for examples of what you have done in the past - to demonstrate or provide 'proof' that you will be able to demonstrate those behaviours again in the future. Specifically when you are doing the job that they are interviewing you for.

The topic of job interview was brought to mind when I saw someone share the old Pepsi Max what-you-shouldn't- do at a job interview commercial on their Facebook wall this week.

It's less than a minute long - take a quick look:

Nice idea if you could get away with it - but probably not all that practical. What happens if the person interviewing doesn't have a fish tank?

Alternatively, what will give you the edge in a job interview is the combination of:
  • how you present yourself in appearance
  • the relevance of your examples
  • the insightfulness of your questions
  • the quality of your answers, and
  • the relevance of your skills and experience.
This is what will stand you apart from your competitors...which is what we all want!

Hope you enjoyed today's little video on Movie Day here at Career Chick Chat.

Thanks for the chat!

- Karen

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  1. Hah! Thanks for bringing me up to speed with that ad - I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't seen it before - very cute. If nothing else I'll try and remember it before I go into an interview so, at the very least, I'm smiling :)