Kate Middleton - becoming a Princess is a serious career move

Today Kate Middleton will be joining the firm otherwise known as The British Royal Family. "The Firm" is in fact the term that the Royals use to refer to themselves - the ultimate family business.

And a business enterprise it is indeed. CPI Financial have published a study by international consultants PWC who estimate the commercial benefit of the Royal Wedding alone at 107 million British Pounds!

As Kate walks down the aisle at 11 am British time today - she will not only be walking into her place in history as a member of the Royal Family - and whether she emerges as a Princess or a Duchess - she will be making a serious career commitment.

Unlike ourselves who can manage our own career direction, Kate's decision to join 'The Firm' will make her fairly (to say the least) visible to well, everyone and she will be judged by all on her performance.

Our careers might not have the same visibility as Kate's will have but others do watch and judge our performance and it's interesting now to reflect on how (we think) she has prepared for this career move:

1. Established her own style  - not just how she looks but how she is known to interact with others.

2. Taken time to make the decision - obviously she had to wait for the proposal but the years of preparation that have led up to today will all help her performance and her confidence in her new career.

3. Watched and learnt the skills she needs - just looked at how she has developed the skills to work and greet a crowd.

4. Worked with mentors - Prince William, Camilla and others have been providing her advice and guidance.

5. Made her own decision about her career and life choices. She might be going to have Dad by her side as she walks down the aisle (it is a traditional wedding after all) - but he is going to leave her at the altar and she will be moving into her new life on her own. All the signs are is that this is what she wants.

Which is excellent news - as I am going to end the career analysis and get back to the continuous T.V. coverage of hats, dresses, hairstyles and all things William and Kate. After all the disasters of recent times it's fun to have some good news.

If you're one of the anticipated 2 billion people who will be watching - enjoy!

Thanks for the chat,

- Karen

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