5 Fast Tips... to choose the right words

Dictionary.com has 179 different definitions for the meaning of the word "run", 118 for the word "set" and 98 for the word "go". These are not complex words with polysyllables or requiring the specialized knowledge of an industry or profession to understand.

Yet with so many meanings it is very easy, even for these simple words, to be misunderstood. English is a complex language with nuances and multiple possible interpretations of the same statement.

The words we use can play a large part in influencing how well we are understood.

Words can have very different meanings in different situations. It helps if you can select words that ensure that what you say is what you mean and that this is what is understood by others. Understanding your audience, the context of a discussion and the meaning of certain words to other groups (this can change by age, culture, industry) can help you choose the right words.

To ensure that you are understood, choose words that:

  • simplify what you are saying
  • minimize the need for further explanation, and
  • maximize the impact of your messages.

Here are 5 Fast Tips for the best choice of words. In general they are words that are:

1. Objective

2. Factual

3. Assertive

4. Positive, and

5. Action-oriented

Positive 'can-do' words create positive expectations about your performance and abilities.

When you do deliver to those expectations it will reinforce your reputation and build a positive view of your operating style.

In the business world, people react positively when you use words that demonstrates you can do what needs to be done. That's what they want to hear.

Be confident in what you say and demonstrate this with the words you use.

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- Karen

P.S. There are more words about choosing your words in Chapter 2 of "Hot Tips For Career Chicks".

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