Be ready for your "Delta" moment and dance with the stars!

On this season's Dancing with the Stars Australian singer Delta Goodrem had the career opportunity of a lifetime when the amazing British singer Adele had to pull out of a scheduled appearance.

Delta had one hour to rehearse a song that she had never performed before. And she did it. Well. So well that she received a standing ovation, has been showcased on websites from Youtube to Perez Hilton and set the social media world a twitter.

She may have been a last minute fill-in and had little time to rehearse but - and this I think is where the interesting learning for the rest of us is - she had worked her whole career to be able to take advantage of the opportunity that presented itself.

So what had she done to prepare for what could potentially be a defining moment for her career (or at the very least the chance to show who she is to an audience of over 20 million people)?

I'm sure there's many things that she must have done but the ones that stand out to me were that she had:

1. Learnt her craft - well. To achieve success you do need to be good at what you do. She may not have had long to practise but she knows how to sing and she knows how to learn a new song. She's done it before. Dancing with the Stars was another opportunity to do it again.

2. Networked - one of the reasons why  Delta was offered the gig when Adele had to pull out was because she was on the spot. She was there, as she was already scheduled to perform a duet with Michael Bolton. She was known to the people who made the decision to offer her the gig. People need to know who you are to to offer you opportunities.

3. Taken a risk - Delta was willing to take the opportunity when it came along.

4. Defined her style - she is clear who she is as a performer which would have made the match between Delta and the song that had to be sung a natural choice.

Delta was there, willing and able to take the opportunity that was presented to her. She had the skills to do it and she made herself an easy choice.

The question for each of us is how can we prepare so that are ready when opportunity comes along?

To me it's about what you do every day. The quality of your work and the skills you develop. They all add up to the skills, knowledge and experience you need to be able to have your "Delta" moment.

Here's Delta's ...

Thanks for the chat

- Karen

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