Career Skill:5 Fast Tips for after a networking event (the so what)

Well done you! You've been to a networking event.

Met some great people.

Swapped some business cards.

Heard some new ideas.

And got a little bit inspired.

So what do you do now?

You've been there. Done that. Networking ticked off on the career to do list?

Afraid not.

Because unless you actually do something just going to a networking event is kind of an academic exercise.

Here are 5 Fast Tips for follow up after a networking event to make it mean something for your career development:

1. Connect with people you met - if there were people you found areas of common interest with and swapped contact details with - connect with them. Preferably in 48 hours. Send them a request to connect on Linked In - which will make sure you have correct contact details for them in the future. Make sure you personalize the Linked In invitation reminding them of where you met and something you discussed. If you don't use Linked In (why I wonder?) - send then an email to follow through on the connection.

2. Follow up commitments - if you made any commitments like "I'll send you a link to ..." or "We must catch up for coffee" - jump on the email and send the link, propose a coffee time and follow through on what you said you will do. Great for your personal credibility and significantly increases the chances that the person you met moves from a connection to a contact.

3. Write down your ideas - maybe it's just me but when I hear speakers I get a ton of ideas. People I should contact, information that they talk about that I want to look up and read about myself. All sorts of things. Write them down as soon as you can so that you don't lose those precious ideas.

4. Act on your ideas or the something you learned. It's inspiring to get ideas, it's powerful to act on them. If someone makes a suggestion, you hear a tip that you think you can use or you get a brilliant idea - act on them. Not everything that works for someone else will work for you but when you do try something new and it works - it feels like magic!

5. Book in your next networking event - and keep those connections, contacts, tips and ideas coming. Career development is a continual process and there are always new things we can learn!

Must go - I have some Linked In invitations to send to people I met this week.

Thanks for the chat!



  1. Thanks for the tips, we need to value our time and networking can be very time consuming so we need to make it valuable for our business. These are great ideas to get us started on that. Cheers Lisa

  2. Very handy tips Karen, you're so right, attendance at a networking event does not mean you've networked!

  3. Glad you found these tips useful. My thinking is that there must be a "so what will I do differently?" aspect to career skill development!

  4. Karen, thanks for the tips. I absolutely agree - going to a networking event is sometimes hard enough that we just feel relieved it's all over. But we're only going to get what we put back into it. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Maranda, I think we are all so busy that you can't approach networking as a 'tick-in-the-box' activity. For me, there has to be a so-what! Appreciate your comments

  6. Karen - great pointers...there's a reason they call it "networking" - not: net-going-to-an-event-and-hoping-magic-happens-without-ever following-up! Thanks for the reminders.