Careers bloom with the right care

My nieces Lily (aged 8) and Arabella (almost 6) are in charge of keeping these flowers not only alive but looking beautiful whilst they are on holidays in Australia.

This requires daily watering, caterpillar removal and the disposal of any dead flowers.

But they're pretty busy girls. There are bikes to ride, a dog to play with and cookies to be eaten.

So they keep the tools they need to tend their flowers close at hand.

Clever really.

They're ready to flick a caterpillar away or sprinkle a can of water as they walk past.

No time out of their busy schedule and the flowers are blooming!

It made me think about looking after a career. We can get so busy doing what we have to that we don't have the time to ensure that it stays not only alive - but healthy.

If you can put some actions in place so that you can look after your career as you go about your life it can make things so much easier.

Have regular meetings with your mentors and favourite people in your network booked into your diary.

Conversations with these people who support you are like a sprinkle of water to your career. They're also helpful if you have any nasty caterpillars or bugs come your way that need to be flicked away.

Subscribe to relevant blogs, newsletters and magazines so that you have a flow of relevant information passing by you. It will be there when you have time to peruse and sometimes a relevant headline will make you take the time.

Put the next three actions in your career plan as a note in your smart phone with a daily alarm or stuck to the fridge under a magnet - have them close at hand to think (or even better do) something about when you see them!

Just a couple of ideas to help you give your career the right care so it will bloom!

Thanks for the chat. Lily and Arabella have some cookies and milk waiting for me.

- Karen

P.S. If you are looking for a relevant blog to subscribe to there's always this one!!

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