Do you practise what you need to be good at?

Usain Bolt ...Practise Gets Results
I just watched a video of Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling-author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" talking with Valerie Khoo of the Sydney Writers Centre.

(Given the millions of book sales he has under his belt I thought I might get a few ideas that would help get my book flying off the shelf or downloading at the speed of light.)

What I did get was something to think about. In the interview Kiyosaki says, "the average person doesn't practise enough." And he refers to how the Beatles played for very limited money for the time they were based in Hamburg for just over two years. It's widely accepted that the practise they got and how often they played helped build their reputation and ultimately contributed to their success.

Usain Bolt, 5 times world and 3 times Olympic Gold Medallist Sprinter, has a mix of good genetics and raw talent and a well-known loathing for training. But he does it. As do every one of the athletes who are serious about success. Because Practice Gets Results.

Yet for those of us in business we expect to be at our peak performance all the time, every time. Rushing from meeting to meeting, presentation to presentation, report to report. With no practise in between.

The reality is you do need to practise to be good at something.

The habit we need to develop is to build it into how we do what we do.

I like to write. So this blog certainly gives me some practise (well it would if I posted more often!). But there is always more I can do.

How can you build practise into what you do?

Love to know your thoughts. Let's chat...

- Karen

Beyonce: "Sometimes we don't reach for the stars"

This clip from Beyonce is about the making of her album 4 but there were a couple of things she said related to her career that I really want to share with you.

Talking about her decision to run her own business she says,

"Sometimes we don't reach for the stars. Sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us we are supposed to be satisfied with. And I'm not going for that."

Go Beyonce!

And when she was talking about what she does, the line that leaped out at me was,

"You should be doing it just because you love it"

Guess that's why I blog about career stuff...

She certainly seems to know a thing or two about achieving career success - thought you might like to watch the the video if you haven't seen it already.

I'm going star gazing. Chat later!

- Karen

Carol Bartz: Perhaps not a role model for how to leave a job?

Carol Bartz in 2009
Carol Bartz, the (now) former CEO of Yahoo! was apparently fired over the phone this week. Harsh.

Respectful? No.

Appropriate way to fire anyone? Never.

A good idea to call the Chairman and the board "doofuses" (as reported by the LA Times) or say that the board "f***d me over" in an interview recounted on after it happens? Probably not.

From all the news articles you can tell it was probably a pretty bad situation before the firing. And I certainly don't know if it was deserved or not.

Ranked 91st on the Forbes Executive Pay Ranking and running an organization valued at around $16b, Bartz was clearly in a role very different from many of ours with different challenges. But does that make how you should leave a job different?

When we leave roles most of us try to do so with some dignity, no matter what the circumstances, to cement contacts for your network and to sure up the referees we may need in the future. Maybe when you're in the media and the market already has an opinion of how you performed, the CEO of such a visible organization as Yahoo! doesn't need to be worried about such things.

But apart from venting some anger in public name, is name calling a good idea?

Personally, whatever the circumstance I don't see what Bartz had to gain.

And I don't think it's being a very good role model.

Let's chat

- Karen

Looking for a Job? Tips to Stay Positive

I'm guest blogging throughout 30 Days to a Great Career over at herBusiness. Click through to read more

Would love to know any other tips that you have. Please leave a comment and share them with the Career Chick Chat community.

- Karen

A Plan Can Help You Realise A Dream

Once upon a time when I was thinking about changing jobs I was advised to approach the process "as you would any project you would do at work".

I applied this to achieving my dream of writing, "Hot Tips For Career Chicks".  I wrote a plan, followed it through, reviewed it as I went and achieved what I set out to do!

Don't know what was cooler when I recently got my new iPad - the new iPad itself or downloading my book on iBooks (just to check it worked okay, of course!).

Okay, milestone achieved.

Dream realised.

Now back to the career planning - and fill up this book shelf!

Happy Days!

30 Days to a Great Career

I'm delighted to have been invited to a contribute as a guest blogger to an online event "30 Days to a Great Career" which is happening throughout September on the herBusiness the blog of the Australian Business Women's Network.

Looking forward to being part of the event and getting some great tips from the other chicks!

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!