Career Skill: 5 Fast Tips have your good work noticed!

The strategy of working away, tucked into the corner of the office, waiting for diligence, results and talent to be recognized is a strategy that often just does not work.

A preference to 'keep your head down' and 'get on with it' may be more appealing to you than running around telling people how good you are - but it probably won't help you get ahead. If you've ever seen someone who you think has not contributed as much as you or is not as talented as you be recognized or promoted above you - you no doubt understand why.

The trick is to get the balance between looking like you are more interested in being seen as good rather than doing good and to get enough positive publicity out there so that the people who will make decisions about the opportunities you may be given know enough about your contributions.

Managers are often busy, stressed and stretched (or all three) and don't necessarily have the bandwidth (time, interest, attention) to find out exactly how good you are at what you do.

Which means you need to make it easy for them and make your accomplishments known. Here are 5 Fast Tips how:

1. Know what your contributions are in numbers - X% increase in this, Y% expense reduction in that. Numbers are a powerful way to communicate what you have done.

2. Respond to "the" question - you get asked twenty times a day "How are you?" (unlikely to be Wassup in a business setting ☺) with a quick response that tells a positive story about you. Like "I'm good, I'm just writing up the report on the new IT system, it looks like we've reduced expenses by about 15%". Easy to do (if you you know what you've done, shares the credit AND gets it on the map that you are being successful.

3. Speak up at Meetings - have something to say that demonstrates what you know or what you have been achieving. The questions you ask can be a comfortable way of demonstrating this - and you don't have to worry about being seen as a-know-it-all!

4. Contribute to your company intranet site or newsletter - commenting on internal blogs or contributing an article on your latest project help give you visibility in your company.

5. Volunteer to present what you have been working on at team meetings. It gets your good work out there and it's great presentation practise!

There's lots more but that's 5 to get you thinking (and started).

Would love to hear from you - do you have other tips to share?

Thanks for the chat!


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