Resolve Conflict: a key variable of your Operating Style.

How you manage your role in a conflict is important to the way that you are seen to manage yourself and your relationships with others.

Whether you are in conflict with someone else or you have become involved because of tension between team members, your staff or colleagues - how you handle these situations can impact positively (or negatively) on how others judge your performance and skills.

This week's theme on Career Chick Chat has been tips and ideas on how to resolve conflict at work.

This is a skill I have included in the C.O.D.E. to career success as being vital to your professional Operating Style.

Here's a recap of the tips from this week's blogs:

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Did you know...the most common causes of conflict...[Read more]

I hope these give you some tips and ideas to add to your career skill arsenal!

Next week's theme will be about Mentors...and why we all need them - so keep an eye out for the daily blogs!

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