What to do when...you haven't seen your mentor in a while..

So you may already have a mentor but you haven't been in touch with them for a while.

Life happens. You get busy. They get busy. Time rushes by and you realize that you haven't been in touch with them for ages. And now you feel awkward because you let things slide.

What do you do?

It may be that the relationship needs to evolve (which will need you to establish new expectations or guidelines with the person) or there are still be real benefits for you in maintaining the mentoring side of things.

Either way, it's your responsibility to break the ice and make contact with your mentor.

The successful person you have selected as a mentor is likely to be very busy or at least very efficient with their time. It's highly unlikely that they need to think of things to do to fill up their time.

If someone has agreed to work with you as a mentor they will (usually) honor that commitment. But they won't want to chase you up. They think it is up to you to get back into there diary.

Send them an email.

Get on the phone.

Contact their assistant if they have one and make a time.

Break the ice with a text - if that's appropriate for your relationship with your mentor.

Make contact!

Don't let your relationship with a valuable mentor meander into nothingness i.e. breakdown through lack of contact.

Love to hear how you maintain contact with your mentor. Let's chat...

- Karen

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