5 Fast Tips... where to find mentors

A lot of managers and supervisors see their role as a mentor, providing expertise on how to do a job.

This relationship does not need to be formalized with a "Will you be my mentor?" proposal on bended knee with accompanying soft music. That they will help you improve in your role kind of comes with their job description as your manager!

But they may not have all the skills you need for all aspects of your current role or for the future roles that you are working towards as part of your career plan. You'll need to look further afield for the right person, with the right skills, knowledge or experience to support your Career Development.

Knowing what you want to learn from a mentor is crucial to identifying who you need as a mentor and knowing where to look to find the right person for you.

Here's 5 Fast Tips with some ideas of where to find mentors...

1. To improve your results in your current role - look around for other people who are performing (or have previously performed) the same role. The successful ones. They may work in your team, elsewhere in your organization or even at another company.

2. If it's technical expertise you're after - it may be someone who has in-depth knowledge about a particular process or technology. Keep in mind they do not have to be more senior than you to have knowledge, expertise or experience you want to learn.

Consider people who,

3. Work in your organization. The people around you who you work with every day. Identify experienced / successful colleagues and arrange to spend some time with them.

4. Are in your organization but removed from your day-to-day activities. Previous managers and people you have met in training or on project teams can be good possibilities to connect with.

5. You meet through your work or networking activities but are external to your current organization. Just because people don't work for the same company and don't feel obliged to support you doesn't mean they won't.

If you're clear about what you want to talk to them about and extend an offer for a coffee, you'll be surprised how willing people are to help.

Would love to know where you've found your mentors! Let's chat...

- Karen

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  1. Great post Karen,

    I especially like that you people say: "Just because people don't work for the same company and don't feel obliged to support you doesn't mean they won't." i find that to be so true and so encouraging within social media. Thank you for sharing this great article! ~ Nathalie