5 Fast Tips...for communicating what needs to be done (when you're a leader)...

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The ability to deliver clear instructions about what is required forms part of your ability to communicate as a leader.

If you need something done, you don't want your requests to be treated as a suggestions.

The best approach is to be very clear and give specific instructions.

Adults (and pretty well anyone over 3 years of age) resent being told what to do. Part of the skill in this area is knowing when you require something in a certain way - and you need to be quite direct about the outcome you need delivered. The art is not taking this approach for everything that needs to be done.

Here's 5 Fast Tips for how to communicate what needs to be done as a leader:

1. Be specific and action-oriented when you give instructions. Clarity is the key. There should be no ambiguity or wriggle-room.

2. Clarify that the person has the resources, time and knowledge to complete the tasks that you are asking of them.

3. Listen to the response you receive and be aware of the body language to ensure that what you have asked for has been understood.

4. Adjust the level of detail you provide to the skill level and knowledge of the people involved. As the skill level of the people involved increases the level of detail that you need to give will decrease. Don't insult competent people telling them how to do the job. On the other hand - don't assume that new and inexperienced people know how to do what you want done. (Tricky - but that's why this is a leadership skill!)

5. Trust your people / team to deliver on what's required. Make sure they have the resources and support they need. Establish milestones and check-in points to be comfortable that all is on track. And then let them get on with the job.

Be crystal clear when you set accountabilities and assign tasks and this will add to your respect as a leader.

How have you approach this issue? Let's chat...

- Karen

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  1. These are great tips. Communication is very important. I agree that as a leader you need to be understood clearly especially on sensitive issues.