Adele's Grammy Speech shows it takes a team to achieve career success

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When Adele gave her Grammy's acceptance speech for "21" being awarded album of the year, for her, a solo artist - she had a pretty big team around her on the stage.

There's no doubt that Adele dominated the awards that were given out - and each time she got up to accept one of her six awards she had different people to thank. From her doctors, producer, musicians, mother etc.etc she had a lot of people to thank for helping her achieve personal career success.

It's great that she thanked them all. But what I like even more is that she acknowledged how the people around her had helped her learn about herself and be better as a result of their input.

Whilst I, who sings flatter than the flattest tack is in awe of Adele and her abilities, it struck me that there is a real analogy her for business careers.

So often we think we need to do it all ourselves. (Or is that just me?) But in fact, we do so much better work when we surround ourselves with an "A" list team. Be they mentors, networking contacts, colleagues, career coaches, trainers, personal trainers - if they help us be better at what we do - even if they never meet - they are all part of the team that helps us be our best.

My team at the moment even includes my physio, 'Evil Evan', (my nickname for him after a particularly gruesome session) as without his coaching through a somewhat painful issue with a dodgy shoulder I would not be able to concentrate on work - let alone be able to do my best stuff.

If you got a call from the people in Switzerland to accept the Nobel prize in whatever you do - who would you have on the stage behind you as you accept the award?

Do you have the best team around you?

And more importantly, do you have enough people-in-your corner / on-your team?

Helping you be the best you that you can be?

Got me thinking!

Who's on your team?

Let's chat...

- Karen

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