Did you know... about the importance of meetings to Steve Jobs and Apple?

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When I think about Apple Inc. I tend to think about innovative products, crowded but cool stores, black skivvy's and a whole lot more.

Funnily enough the concept of business meetings does not come to mind!

But Steve Jobs credited his Monday 'Marathon' meetings as being critical to operating the business.

(They were called marathon meetings as apparently they went on for quite some time!)

Jobs told CNN Fortune and Money, "every Monday we review the whole business".

This was the way that he shared information with his executive team so that they had the best information they could to do their jobs and make good decisions.

He also said that he put out an agenda each week, even though 80% of the content was the same each week.

And that "We don't have a lot of process at Apple, but that's one of the few things we do just to all stay on the same page."

Make you think that perhaps meetings are an important part of business and good decision making?

The trick is making sure the participants aren't on their smart phone whilst you are meeting!

How important are meetings to your organization? (And how do you keep people off the technology whilst you have them?!?) Let's chat...



  1. I think that once someone uses tech in a meeting, distracted or not someone higher up needs to say something in front of everybody... Not rudely but just to make a point. Then it should carry on to the others with little more intervention. Joel Egg.

  2. Joel - totally agree there should be rules around technology in meetings. It seems to have gone from reading an odd text to "I'll pretend to be taking notes and actually be doing email on a lap top." Kinda indicates that people aren't actually present at a meeting?