Did you know..most successful people credit a mentor?

The potential benefits of having a mentor are many, including:

  • knowledge,
  • guidance,
  • someone to listen,
  • access to their network, and
  • honest, valuable feedback.

    Many top achievers acknowledge that a mentor (or coach) to guide, counsel and provide advice has helped them along the way.

    Someone who can look at their performance, provide a different perspective and advise strategies. 

    Top sports stars Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, David Beckham and Ian Thorpe all credit their mentors as being important to their success.

    Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Harry Connick Jr. have all acted as mentors to up-and-coming singers on TV show "American idol". Because their past experience (and talent) means that they have something they can share.

    In business Sir Richard Branson of Virgin brand fame acknowledges Sir Frederick Laker a British airline entrepreneur as his mentor. KFC's Hartland "Colonel" Sanders mentored Wendy's hamburger chain founder Dave Thomas for many years. And Paul Austin (Chairman of Coca Cola) mentored Jack Welch (GE CEO). Reportedly advising him to "Be Yourself".

    Having a mentor and being prepared to listen to feedback, whether it seems controversial or self-evident, is a smart way to develop yourself and your career.

    Do you have a mentor? What benefits do you realize?

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    - Karen

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