What do you do when...your team has a win...

Being known as someone who shares successes and recognition with your team, or others you have worked with, reflects positively on your leadership style.

Not to mention - it's the right thing to do when others make a contribution to your success.

When you lead, or are even part of a team, that achieves a positive result - it's important that you make this success visible to the business.

Quantify the success - know what it's worth to the business. It could be in revenue, profit, savings or changes in results over time.

Let the success be known.

And most importantly, acknowledge those who have contributed to the team and the result in any capacity.

Whilst there are always key contributors to a result (and they do need acknowledgement), it is often others in the team who maintain the 'business-as-usual' ability of a team that make it possible for a big outcome to be achieved.

These people also need to recognized and rewarded.

Being generous in your praise and recognition of others is an attribute of leadership. One that will have a positive impact on your Operating Style and professional reputation.

How have you recognized the contributions of others? Let's chat...

- Karen

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